Returns processing for retail



Dear retailers, as you all know, we have been supported in logistics by our partner Brands Fashion since the beginning of 2020.

Brands Fashion accepts the orders from us and then sends the goods to you.

Since Brands Fashion is not based in the same location as we are, they do not have the opportunity to intervene directly in the order or return processes.

For this reason, we depend on detailed documentation of the individual processes so that we can process the tasks at the fulfillment location as best as possible,


For your returns, this basically means:


The return goods must be delivered to the location of our fulfillment provider: Brands Fashion GmbH; Müllerstrasse 11, 21244 Buchholz.

There the goods are accepted, subjected to a quality check and evaluated.

In principle, the entire product is accepted, but not automatically credited.

Please see here which requirements must be met before we can credit you with returned goods.


Greetings from you

Ethletic team



Only goods from you will be credited that:


  • registered with Fair Deal Trading GmbH using the return slip form "Retoure-Retail" and the return has been confirmed by Fair Deal Trading prior to the return.


  • After the delivery has been registered and booked by the Goods Receiving Department of Brands GmbH.
    (Delivery address: Brands Fashion GmbH; Müllerstrasse 11, 21244 Buchholz)


  • has been cleared by the incoming goods inspection of Brands Fashion GmbH for re-storage in the warehouse or has been recognized by Brands Fashion as a complaint about a defective item


  • whose delivery date is not more than 12 months behind the return date 


  • to be identified by a completed return slip form "Return-Retail" in the incoming goods department


  • A FDT order number listed in the "Retail" returns form must be assigned